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Solaire Resort And Casino Philippines Invades The Sky? #1MNews #SkySolaire

Really Solaire Resort And Casino Invades The Sky? Read On....#i-TravelWorld #SkySolaire #1MNews

Solaire Resort and Casino, the Philippines premier integrated resort, in partnership with Air Asia unveils a breakthrough branding project in the Philippines. Solaire again raises the bar as it wraps its brightly colored livery on Air Asia a popular Airbus A320, which is scheduled to embark on its maiden flight this July.

But How it happened?

Through the Partnership of:
Solaire owner Enrique Razon Jr. and Air Asia Global CEO Tony Fernandes

Solaire is the first-ever consumer brand in the country to fully wrap and brand a commercial airline, with an underlying thrust of further promoting tourism in the Philippines and in greater Asia.

This project develops the unending desire of Solaire to give its best in the future for its innovations and development. A dynamic collaboration between Solaire and Air Asia represents another step forward in an on-going journey towards providing modern travel and leisure experiences for its customers, with a fresh new approach to their target market.

This partnership will facilitate more passenger and cargo traffic in both regional and domestic flights, and foster stronger trade, cultural and tourism ties within Asia.

In this milestone, a key undertaking between two passionate brands with entrepreneurial and dynamic mindsets?

"This unprecedented branding project in the Philippines may be taken as a "leadership statement," which attests to Solaire's strong growth momentum in the industry. Yes we are again raising the bar; this time we're taking it to the skies," says Donato Almeda, Board Director of Solaire Resort and Casino.

"Currently, Solaire's brand colors are donned by just one airplane, but nothing is stopping them from further rolling out this innovative wrap on additional aircrafts in the future with broader partnership arrangements. The campaign will continue until 2016 and it is envisioned that this high-impact ad in the sky will generate more hype and publicity as the partnership progresses."

Jasper Evangelista, Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Solaire Resort and Casino said, "This aircraft-branding campaign is a strategic branding initiative which would allow us to literally take our brand to greater heights. We have created amazing moments for our customers since Solaire launched last year, and now we're aiming to further connect with our local & foreign guests and travellers by reinforcing our brand presence in the country's airports. Sky Solaire will enable us to get immediate traction on this effort and even take it to a level all its own."

How About Discovering Solaire's Create Your Moments?

"In-line with Solaire's "Create Your Moments" campaign, which highlights Solaire as the perfect place to create unforgettable memories, this fitting partnership with Air Asia, one of Asia's leading and multi-awarded airlines in their category, harmoniously evokes the key thrusts of customer service, hospitality, and excitement for both their industries. This marketing initiative is also primed to open up new revenue streams for both the integrated resort and the airline carrier."

Air Asia Philippines Chairman Maan Hontiveros said, "Air Asia Philippines is a sociable and innovative brand. We also take pride on our collaborative nature. This new livery demonstrates our creative approach to partnerships and marketing opportunities especially with companies that support our vision to grow tourism. We are thrilled to carry Solaire's brand in the sky and on the grounds at the airports here and abroad extending to as far as our destinations in Malaysia, China and Korea."

"The Solaire experience is stamped with an unparalleled brand of service style, world-renowned Philippine hospitality, top-of-class luxurious accommodations, diverse dining options and impressive gaming facilities, which have all contributed to the way people people view resort casinos in Manila. Many have opted to extend their stay at the resort, to have simply grown to embrace the aspirational and stress-free lifestyle offered to them at Solaire. Solaire Resort and Casino clearly offers the utmost experience of comfort, elegance and luxury in the Philippines right now."

Look, watch this video of Sky Solaire to be perfect; The Making and Unveiling

Well, this is for your information about Solaire Resort and Casino.

Solaire Resort & Casino, the primary property of Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, is a USD $1.2 Billion integrated destination resort on an 8.3-hectare site in Manila, Philippines opened March 2013. Solaire, a luxury destination casino resort, is the first property to open in the Entertainment City, a government sponsored (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) economic development zone.

Solaire's Phase 1 features 500 luxurious rooms, suites and bayside villas, 18,500 square meters of gaming space, a wide range of award-winning dining experience and signature restaurants, sophisticated bars and lounges, and an ample multi-level car park. The property has additional 258,721 square meter expansion project under development which is expected to open 3rd quarter of 2014. For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the website at SOLAIRE RESORT AND CASINO PHILIPPINES

Now that you know about the new project of Solaire, it really invades the sky? I will answer this one...YES.


Read through the pages of your mind.



  1. Wow this is interesting news! Am I right to assume that there are gonna be special flights and promotions for this plane?

  2. I am not from Ph though but i think it;s a nice job done, the plane color looks attractive,

  3. This is so exciting!! This is a great venture between two big companies.

  4. That is an innovative way to advertise and very clever, too, because they are sure that the audience of their ad in the sky are potential customers. I am optimistic about this partnership of Solaire and Air Asia and I am looking forward to more exciting promotions from them.

  5. This is an excellent partnership with Solaire and Air Asia and can really help increase the awareness on Solaire.

  6. I think this one's a good partnership.. Love the plane's design too :)

  7. This also helps in the tourism in the country with the solaire brand up in the air.

  8. Feeling great to know this partnership and plans clever guide for advertise :)
    Good post !!!!!!!!

  9. i dont know about that but i love that design

  10. that's an awesome looking plane! will there be a casino inside too? hehe >XD

  11. Finally! ive been waiting for the unveiling of solaire. hope it will attract more tourists.

  12. This is good advertisement and partnership! I love the interior of the plane!
    Francine A,

  13. I think it is great when individual brands opt to advertise this way. Air travel is so costly and if the competition to advertise like this gets big enough maybe, just maybe, the cost will come down a bit. One can dream...

  14. Expecting exciting promotions to come out of this partnership.

  15. Wow! This is fascinating. Siguradong lalong yumaman ng todo-todo yung may-ari ng Solaire after mag-open ng casino niya.

  16. I've heard this on the news on the net and I can't wait to try this on summer :D

  17. That is what i call branding to the next level


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