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Politics For Grace Poe is Like ShowBiz #1MNews

Parang tv sitcom ang pagensayo sa pagdating ni Senadora Grace Poe

I was searching for my research about politics, when I came across with this video. I thought differently about this subject matter, but now...OMG, it's like a show business!

What will happen when this kind of scenario engulf the Philippine political system? Is it really advisable to elect this kind of Presidentiable?

Watch the videos and you know the truth behind the proclamation:

She was young in a political arena and she presumed that she knows it all...all the facets of life in a political world?

"I am Grace Poe, a Filipino, a daughter, wife and mother. And with God's grace, I offer myself for the country's highest calling as your President."

With these lines closing her presentation, Sen. Mary Grace Sonora Poe-Llamanzares declared her candidacy for President in next year's national elections, capping a well-choreographed gathering that featured a heady mix of show-business celebrities and politicians of various stripes.

In a lengthy speech delivered in Filipino, Poe presented her 20-point platform encompassing economic, social and cultural issues, including corruption, peace, education, infrastructure, tax reform, agriculture, the West Philippine Sea territorial dispute with China, labour and human rights.

Speaking on corruption, Poe took a dig at those excluding her from the administration's daang matuwid (straight path) reform programme, even as she sang praises for President Aquino.

I think, lady president is not timely for 2016.

Read through the pages of your mind.


  1. that's also what I thought about her. I think she is not yet ready for the position yet. She has a huge potential of becoming a great leader but her experience is not yet enough.

  2. This is a very bad decision on her part. It's very too early for her. If she really wants to "offer" herself to the Filipino people, then she can do it even if she's a senator, congresswoman, or even just an ordinary citizen.

  3. She is not yet ready though it's sad that even if she's a neophyte she has the makings of a traditional politician.

  4. if she's qualified for her citizenship is at stake, i don't she could the presidency.

  5. she's taking advantage of her sad :(


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