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Online Surveys Favors Mar Roxas To Be the Next President #1MNews

Online Surveys Favors Mar Roxas To Be the Next President #1MNews

Its 243 days to go before the national and Local Elections for May 9, 2016 and Online Surveys are spreading across the social media like mushrooms, for selecting the people’s choice candidate to govern the highest position in the government. The number of survey is moving base for the daily news with the knowledge of who will win for the next election.

In real time poll of Abante ( the public is asked, “In 2016 election, who will win for President of the Philippines?

For a week of survey, it gets the whole of 40.398 votes. First on the list is Interior Secretary Mar Roxas with 37.40% or 15,107 votes. In the second place is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with 31.81% or 12,852 votes. Then, next in line is Senator Grace Poe with 21.12% or 8,531 votes while the fourth place goes to Senator Bongbong Marcos 6.51% or 2,628 of votes. While the last place goes to VicePresident Jejomar Binay with 3.16% or 1,280 votes.

Last Monday afternoon, Rodrigo duterte formally face the media for telling the truth that he’s not running for Presidency, “I believe it's no longer my time. I will retire after my term.”

In his decision more citizens were disappointed and showing its reaction to the social media. But Senate President said that it’s a favor for Mar Roxas, "Certainly. The platform that the party will be presenting is the Daang Matuwid. We are the administration and we will defend that policy.

Read through the pages of your mind.

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