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Public Hearing On MRT3 Incident Gives Positive Outlook In the Future? #1MNews

Public Hearing On MRT3 Incident Gives Positive Outlook In the Future? #1MNews

Yesterday, I went to SSS Main Office and NSO at East Avenue for filing my documents and of course I always used MRT3 for this purpose because of the time constraint when riding a bus. I definitely had to pushed myself to the crowded alleys, ticket booth and fortunately, within 20 minutes I was at the MRT-Kamuning Station for only 14.00 pesos. It’s better than I thought since an MRT coach breached the safety barrier of the MRT Taft Avenue station in Pasay City after it was derailed that nearly 40 people were injured.

Right now, I observed two booths for Commuter’s Welfare at the Taft Avenue Station. Wherein, I personally asked the attending person at that time, about this welfare and it has positive approach so far, an image enhancer.

The MRT3 derailment last August 13, 2014 - instigated the Senate to investigate about the status and management of the system. The commuters are being affected by the current situations of the MRT system;dissatisfied by the service and sometimes the fear of riding an unreliable transportation has caused the Senate to look deeper into it.

The senate hearing were attended by DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, who received thousands of criticism after riding with his bodyguards, just at the back of the driver in one of the trains. And, Senator Grace Poe braves herself to ride like an ordinary passenger to experience the rigors of daily train commuting.

The two acts of our government officials were being departmentalized according to the whims of the media and other concerned citizens. But this is not the case of what they’re thinking. I regret to say that both have their own ways to prove the difficulty. Any one of them has its own purpose why they rode the train before the Senate hearing.

With regards to maintenance, Sumitomo of Japan was chosen as the maintenance contractor which then subcontracted the services to TES Philippines. The original contract was for a period of 10 years, was extended for a 3-6 month term and then another 9-month term. In October 2012, the maintenance contract was awarded to PH Trams and CB&T. In September 2013, the contract was awarded to APT & Global Inc. by the DOTC and will expire on Sept. 5, 2014, and another bid will be held.

Is the maintenance that they contracted (APT & Global Inc.) did really maintained properly, or they’re not capable of maintaining the train system of MRT3?

The DOTC, headed by Secretary Jun Abaya, who’s managing the MRT3-EDSA should be aware always of the safety of the riding public and uplifting its services. Instead, Filipinos conclude that MRT3 management is very greedy with the revenues, but didn’t bother to act immediately when these coaches or the train system got more breakdowns. But, I believed DOTC should have step-over from the onset of these breakdowns, I think, the mishap won’t happened. They have to moves at earliest possible scenario in regaining public trust that makes them a negative public servant.

I am hoping that DOTC will definitely solve these problems, and also, the other mode of transport like jeepneys, buses, tricycles, bicycles and motorcycles.

Next week, I’ll be back at the NSO Office at East Avenue and be riding MRT3 again. Hoping for more positive outcome from the DOTC.

For the blaming effect, MRT Holdings is the owner of the train line through the Metro Rail Transit Corp., or MRTC, while MRT3-DOTC is the operator under a 25-year build-lease-transfer (BLT) agreement with the owners. Who's to blame?

Read through the pages of your mind.


  1. The government is really to blame in all of these hullabaloos in the MRT. I don't know if Abaya is losing his mind and how he ever sleeps soundly at night. At long last, the Senate hearing should be able to show how the DOTC is not caring for the public's safety and good.

  2. Everyone is to be blame with this, from the planning and to the management who are entitled to secure and by giving the passengers a luxurious and safety rides.

  3. This is a good move since people who experience the MRT first hand can really share their experiences, expectations and inconveniences.

  4. I hope more politicians will experience riding in the MRT to finally realize what's wrong with it and how the commuters persevere with this kind of problem. They should make an action like right now.


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