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What A Gimmick! Stop It! Another Network Offered Huge Amount To Alden Richards to Transfer?! #1MNews

What A Gimmick! Stop It! Another Network Offered Huge Amount To Alden Richards to Transfer?! #1MNews

Alden Richards is presently famous for his part in Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye with Yaya Dub (a.k.a. Main Mendoza). There is no doubt that Alden Richards is now one of the brightest stars in the industry to preserve his image along the way. A lot of people claim that the chemistry of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards was undeniable as they made a lot of buzz over the social media sites.

Before, a rumor that Mar Roxas – an LP Presidential bet for election 2016 offered huge amount of money for him. Actually, in real life, Mar Roxas is a politician with no record about negative element on the government. How come that he wants to offer this money to Alden Richards, when in fact, he knows that it can damage his image and political career? And, he already announced his candidacy for 2016 election?

Fans and supporters of Alden or Maine Mendoza, come to think of it? Or is it because, the people behind Eat Bulaga are against the present administration? Check it out? Is it politically motivated for Mar Roxas because they are in the media industry?

Now, there are rumors that another network is offering a huge amount for him to transfer to their network. Though there are no evidences yet, this news had been making rounds over the social media sites.

And why again?....because Vice Ganda was unstoppable in doing his antics in Showtime? That ABS CBN cannot compete with GMA7?

Eat Bulaga’s social media gimmicks are out-of-hand and only creating chaos in the minds of Filipino viewers. This is unhealthy kind of antics and only ruining the precious time of every Filipino.

Make your move as healthy as you can! Do not feed us rubbish news and shows!

Alden Richards was offered a huge amount of money to transfer to another network!

Read through the pages of your mind.

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