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President Duterte Named the 5 Cops Links to Drug Trade #1MNews

President Duterte Named the 5 Cops Links to Drug Trade #1MNews

The expectation of the majority is surfacing as the campaign against drugs, criminality and corruption moved to the highest level. President Rodrigo Duterte publicly named five police officers allegedly involved in illegal drug trade as he continued to press his never-ending war against corruption.

The 5 generals are the following:

Retired Police Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo, Retired Chief Superintendent Vicente Loot, former Quezon City Police District Director Edgardo Tinio, former National Capital Region Police Office Dir. Joel Pagdilao and Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz. Some of the generals were seen with LP during election.

We will wait and see what these generals will answer in the future or is it another lip service? Garbo and Loot were already retired while the 3 are still in service.

Read through the pages of your mind.

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