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PNoy's 5th SONA: In the Eyes of A Former OFW #1MNews

PNoy's 5th SONA: In the Eyes of A Former OFW

It’s the SONA of our beloved Presidents from the past that I’ve always wanted to hear ever since my life turned differently within the framework of my goals. It made me realized how our beloved country had managed to survive despite the fact that I worked far away from my family, friends and aging parents for almost 20 years, with limited source of information. I never imagined that I have the ample time at present to deeply contemplate with my lonely heart the President Benigno S. Aquino III, 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA), last July 28, 2014.

With my own understanding, SONA’s the time that the President gives the overall report in the past for the different sectors of the government wherein with his administration; they targeted, studied, implemented, applied, monitored and learned the various aspects of the government planned for development. It’s always the development of our country that he must prioritize starting from the day he was elected as President. Nevertheless, he put forward some positive setbacks wherein, eradicating the bad elements in the Philippine political system. He needed the true courage to eliminate different factors that contributed bad image for his administration even with some disapproval from leftist groups.

In my opinion, the 3 most significant points he uttered that nailed inside my head were:

1) As the father of our nation, on my shoulders rest not only the problems that we inherited and the problems that arise today—it is also my duty to prepare for the future. At every moment, I must be mindful of the concerns and perspectives of all. Think about it this way: it is as if you are watching two hundred TV channels at the same time. You need to understand not just what is unfolding before you—you also need to know what happened before, and where it could all lead. Confusion is not an option, and you must have a response for every question, suggestion, and criticism—and you must have all the answers even before the questions are asked. This is not an easy job, and I am only human, one who at times is also capable of feeling apprehension.

2) We improved the management of our debt. The result: a decrease in our debt to GDP ratio; money that once went to paying interest, we were able to channel into social services. We were even able to fulfill the obligations of government that we inherited from past administrations. For example: In 1993, or during the administration of President Ramos, the government was required to recapitalize the Central Bank of the Philippines with 50 billion pesos, so that it could fulfill its mandate. President Ramos was able to fund 10 billion pesos and nothing was added since then. 40 billion pesos was the obligation left to us, and we have paid this in full.

3) Through good governance, we have been regaining the trust of the market, of the world, and of our own people, in government. This is creating a virtuous cycle: Seeing the results of our reform agenda has spurred the active participation of each and every one of our Bosses. Indeed: today the government is not alone in pushing for widespread and meaningful reform. It is true that you are our strength. This is why, Boss: We thank you for your trust and your solidarity, both of which have become even more significant in the times when we were faced with tragedies that came to us, one after the other.

These are the words that moved my heart as a former Overseas Filipino Worker, wherein I imagined before that my life and family as one of the luckiest in the world. I trusted our leaders for their dedication and determination to make us live with respect and dignity.

I questioned myself after the SONA; Am I getting the way I imagined before? Or I was dreaming for the positive results that I wanted for them to work on? Actually, at present I maintained blogs to reach out readers worldwide, wherein I molded it according to the dictate of my heart as a new Filipino, willing and able to survive at present and in the future.

My life still rolling at the hands of time; I always believed that our country needs trusted and dedicated leaders. The betterment lies for them to think positively and maintain the motivation to succeed properly.

Lastly, he said; as the benefits of reform become clearer, it becomes more and more difficult for them to succeed in fooling the people, which is why they are sowing doubt and uncertainty. They have become desperate. Why are they so angry? Let us examine their motivations. For those who turned public service into a business: if we are able to fix our systems, they lose the opportunity to subvert these systems for their own gain. It is only natural that they oppose us. On the other hand, for those who have no other goal than to overthrow government: They can only recruit members when a great number of people are suffering and losing faith in the system. This is why, with a reformed system that has ended the people’s suffering, the number of potential recruits has dwindled, which explains why their group is getting smaller and smaller. It is only natural that they oppose us. The noisiest and loudest of those who oppose us are not in favor of the transformation of our country, precisely because they manipulated and benefited from the old and broken systems.

The betterment of the government system depends on their trusted leadership and our positive participation to the present governance. Shall we deprive our citizenship to them as Filipinos?

For the remaining years of President Aquino, major current issues such as DAP means worsening his stature as many concerned groups battled for its negativity. It’s opening a “can of worms” from a cycle of his truthfulness to put forward, of his good intentions.

My last question: Do I have to send my siblings abroad as OFWs in the future? Or the government can devise and maintain jobs for them without leaving me as an old OFW?

Read through the pages of your mind.


  1. I hope that he follows thru with what he said and he promised.

  2. I agree with your third point, Tumaas nga ang trust rating natin. But I wanted to hear your thoughts about the things the President should have addressed better.

  3. It would be nice to have high paying jobs so that our smart ones wont have to leave

  4. I agree, I hope time will come that no more FIlipinos will leave just to work. Create more job opportunities.


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