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What’s The Difference When Government's Buying-Out MRT 3? #1MNews

What’s The Difference When Government's Buying-Out MRT 3? #1MNews

The Metro Rail’s the lifeblood of every commuter who sees it as their means of transportation for their daily existence. Their expectations for services render must be maximized for the common good. The Filipino people are the users of this train system.

In the past, Rychtar of Czech Company called Inekon, who divulged the scandal; Wilson de Vera, the alleged prime-mover of the meeting and others in the case, conformed to the investigations but contributed to the chaos of this case. And this case, adds to the miserable life of the proper authorities at present. Moreover, Metro Rail Transit Line 3 General Manager Al Vitangcol III resigned from his job for the relief order issued by Jun Abaya because he “deemed it was best to do so.” The Pinoy Administration’s through the DOTC’s doing their best to eradicate corruption within its constituents; not only the DOTC, but also other government sectors that needs to be “sterilized” to perform their public duties to all Filipinos.

The drama continues to spin when it comes to bidding and selecting the appropriate Companies for Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT3), and the whole Philippine train system.

The eight (8) companies that have expressed interest in bidding for the P1.3-billion LRT2 maintenance contract are Marubeni Corp. of Japan, DM Consunji Inc., Telefonika Inc., Global Epcom Services Inc., Busan Transportation Corp. of Korea, the tandem of Multi-Scan Corp. and Hyundai Rotem Corp. of Korea, Comm Builders & Technology Phils. Corp. (CB&T), and APT Global. Two of these bidders—APT Global and Telefonika — are part of the four-member consortium (along with STIV and Pacific) that are LRT2’s current maintenance service provider. APT Global took over the M&O contract last year from the PH Trams-CB&T consortium, which, in turn, won the contract under highly irregular circumstances following the DOTC’s 2012 decision to dump longtime MRT3 maintenance operator TES-P of Sumitomo Corp. of Japan (TES-P/Sumitomo).

Is the government buying out MRT 3? But what will happen now that the Philippine government wants to take over MRT 3 within Q3 of 2014?

Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya said that a so-called equity value buyout of the MRT-3’s operator, Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC), was progressing despite thorny legal issues, including the latter’s suit filed in an arbitration court in Singapore. The buyout was ordered by President Aquino last year to end the huge rental fees guaranteed to its private operator.
The department earlier awarded a contract to China’s CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. Ltd. to supply 48 new train cars for MRT-3. This was in response to heavy congestion at the railway line, which was operating well above its intended capacity of 350,000 people a day.

The new trains are expected to be delivered in batches starting the first half of 2015, the department announced in an earlier statement.

The Government could have avoided all the current and potential legal hassles in this MRT3 capacity expansion project had DOTC only abided by the 1999 BLT agreement and allowed MRTC to do its job of choosing the M&O contractor for this EDSA rail line.
DOTC, MRTC, and other related organizations must have an ample time to re-study all the facets of this Train System that could alleviate the hardships of the Filipino people.

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  1. I am just worried about it being handled properly. Wll it be taken cared of and will it not fall under mismanagement.

  2. Why not honor the previous commitment. I guess, this is another case of highway robbery.

  3. Nothing probably goes wrong if we will put aside politics and concentrate more in solving the issue and finding concrete solutions for better services for the taxpayers.

  4. Issues like this is not common though when we involve politics in trying to give a better service to the taxpayers especially when everyone wanted to outshine each other.

  5. If the government will take MRT's control, I do hope that they can manage it properly.

  6. Well, I just hope that "matuwid na daan" will be implemented not the other way around.

  7. why does the government have to break agreements.. :/ the keep doing that in several of the PPP..


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