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Before Manny-Mayweather Fight, Floyd Mayweather Took Banned IV #1MNews

Before Manny-Mayweather Fight, Floyd Mayweather Took Banned IV #1MNews

According to SB Nation, agents of the United States Anti Doping Agency found evidence that Mayweather used an IV a day before the fight, on fight day, and after the weigh-ins. Mayweather received an exception from the USADA but his camp did not apply for the waiver until 18 days after he defeated Pacquiao via unanimous decision.

As per ESPN, the substances Mayweather got injected with are not banned under WADA, whose standards the USADA follows, but the intravenous procedure is what WADA prohibits. Mayweather’s team told USADA agents the IV contained a 250-milliliter mixture of saline and multivitamins and a 500-milliliter mixture of saline and Vitamin C and was given to the boxer for rehydration purposes.

WADA does not allow intravenous injections of more than 50 milliliters per six hours “except for those legitimately received in the course of hospital admissions, surgical procedures, or clinical investigations.”

The SB Nation report added WADA bans procedures as it can be used to “dilute or mask the presence of another substance.”

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