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A Beginner’s Guide to Breed Chicken For Cockfighting #1MNews

A Beginner’s Guide to Breed Chicken For Cockfighting #1MNews

Breeding chickens usually takes time, energy and money to continue the way other famous cockers had done for their fighter cocks. But the first thing to do if you want to be in the circle’s to learn as a beginner and your motivation to go on by asking yourself, “Is it really what I want in life, to be a cocker?” When your answer is yes, then, push yourself to be one.

Usually, as a beginner, hesitation comes in and many questions you want explore but this is only natural. Expert breeders taught the beginners to acquire the best materials from respected breeders. Of course, some are expensive but worth it to start this way than the cheap ones. Remember, chicken hybrids consume the same amount of feeds and it’s better to begin with the best quality.

What’s the use of starting a poor quality bloodline chickens that usually give negative results? Your financial capability counts a lot and the way you project your dream to become one. At the end of the day, breeding quality chickens are the first and foremost for most breeders. Maintaining your preferred bloodlines is the most vital thing to do as a beginner. Learn and experiment to create for yourself as an ego-booster for a cocker.

Learn to know the right combination of bloodlines and maintain it as much as possible for easy monitoring and development. Choose among the famous quality like Kelso, Sweater, Roundhead, etc. and focus to the way you want it while learning the ropes as a cocker.

Select and choose from the signature bloodlines like Sweater by Carol Nesmith of America. In the Philippines, to name a few breeders; Mayor Juancho Aguirre is known for his Grey and Lemon Guapo, GenGen Arayata known for his Bulik; Lance Dela Torre is known for his Boston Roundhead and many more. But before finalizing your initial bloodlines be sure to ask the record, composition, characteristic of their parents and some other information that you could get.

The next step is to see in actual how the bloodlines of chickens fight in front of your eyes. Spar the chicken first and know its fighting-style and observe very well.

Of course, breeding is not an easy task because this is a trial and error experience. Because of that process, we should learn. But you could decrease your error by getting the advice of some veteran breeders who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Read through the pages of your mind.

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