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Chinese Head Coach Betting Spratly Island for Basketball Match with Gilas Pilipinas? #1MNews

Chinese Head Coach Betting Spratly Island for Basketball Match with Gilas Pilipinas? #1MNews

What really the real score of this Chinese Head Coach after saying this remark? Maybe he's joking or something not politically-inclined remark? claiming Spratly Islands is not a joke!

Head coach Gong Luming is so confident that they'll win versus Gilas Pilipinas that he's willing to bet the Spratly Islands.

After China's dominant win versus Iran in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship semi-finals, head coach Gong Luming was asked which team he'd like to face in the finals. "I believe the Philippines has a better chance of getting into the finals. No disrespect to Japan," he replied.

When asked what he thinks China's chances are of beating the Philippines in the finals Gong Luming said, "I am very confident. I am so confident that I'm willing... [paused, laughter] I'm willing to make a bet. If we lose, they can have the Spratly Islands." The whole press room laughed at the obvious jab into politics.

No more than two hours later, Coach Baldwin's Gilas Pilipinas squad held off a very game Japan in their bracket's semi-finals which sets up the China-Philippines match today.

The 2015 FIBA Asia Championship for Men is the 28th continental basketball championship in Asia. The tournament is organised by FIBA Asia. The winner of the tournament qualifies for the basketball tournament on the 2016 Summer Olympics, while the next three best teams will participate at the 2016 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Men, as stated by FIBA and the IOC in qualification quota.

Read through the pages of your mind.

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