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Negative Image for Chinese Organizers at FIBA ASIA 2015 Against Gilas Pilipinas #1MNews

Negative Image for Chinese Organizers at FIBA ASIA 2015 Against Gilas Pilipinas #1MNews

After the game of Gilas Pilipinas and China….and even the last quarter nearing its end, I eventually lost hope for our basketball Team playing the hope for their lives. The mere fact for what I felt was reverberated across all Filipinos who inspired our team to get the crown.

It’s not really we Filipinos have the feeling of insecurities when it comes to playing basketball. We felt the rigors of losing sometimes and joy when we finally made to the top.

But in this case, some negatives on the Chinese management when it comes to our players. Lots of bad incidents happened that even I managed to conclude that this game was a fake or it made our Gilas Pilipinas to look unprepared.

The delaying tactics of Chinese organizers were rampant and very disappointing to know that my hope for Gilas Pilipinas was deviating to an end and I for one, hoping for the best; for them and for our country.

Netizens were very much angered the way the referees behaved for our team than the Chinese. Audience can detect these malpractices even the ordinary basketball fan.

But we have to accept this and be aware for this kind of Team in the future. Even the audience, we have to be vigilant for not happening again.

Watch the Chinese Team Coach statement (very mahangin – Spratly Island is for Philippine Territory)

FIBA ASIA 2015 Finals Philippines VS China - China's Coach "If we lose, they can have the Spratly"

Read through the pages of your mind.

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