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BCDA President, What Are You Doing? #1MNews

BCDA President, What Are You Doing? #1MnewsNetwork

Some of the businessmen inside the camp had disappointments over BCDA decision to scrutinize their partnership with CJHDevCo that must be respected all along. They are not included in this legal battle and they need assurance from the government and CJHDevCo. BCDA saw this coming and had done the coercive action to protect the camp? Most likely, he will strategized his presence with the Baguio City Mayor and compromise something positive for BCDA.

Knowing Arnel Casanova’s personality and ways in dealing with businessmen inside the camp and BGC; it's always his prerogative that matter most to him was not the good of the people but for himself. It’s showing his favoritism in selecting contracts that could benefit him in the long run and not for BCDA, but for himself. This could really the answers why he wanted to evict CJHDevCo?

The questions some observers are trying to extract from BCDA President could be what other ways wherein BCDA can do more good for the government of Baguio City and its people. The 19 conditions set by the Mayor and BCDA knows about this agreement beforehand. BCDA President Arnel Casanova and JHMC are in unison with each other with regards to businesses inside the camp.

It’s been devising an alternative plan before to mediate the works of BCDA and to evaluate its performance. Right now, mediation with BCDA is needed for aligning the mission and vision of the present Administration. BCDA mishandled the contracts of the businessmen inside the camp and even before this legal battle. But sad to say, Arnel Casanova got the armed men to help him defiled the peaceful eviction process.

The TRO was also not on Casanova’s plan to settle peacefully but to make bullying as part of his business strategies. He even reconnected his electricity connection and using it without paying. That’s disgusting isn’t it? He has his hidden agenda intact inside with his personality to ensue his job to the fullest.

Favoring contracts is really normal for him to and it’s showing when he tried his very best to damaged the CJHDevCo in favor to Ayala Corporation? What a waste of intelligent and character when he came to the point that easy money’s everything?

Read through the pages of your mind.

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