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CJHDevCo Will Stay Mr. Arnel Casanova #1MNews

CJHDevCo Will Stay Mr. Arnel Casanova #1MnewsNetwork

It’s been a long time since the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) had been affected with legal implications through mud-slinging with each other. It caused heavily damaged to the camp, the people of Baguio City and its leaders, third parties, sub-lessees, locators, businessmen and even the ordinary homeowners.

The squabbling continued its course wherein Arnel Casanova casts his venom and started to play the tactics he had played before. What other good things he can do at present when he had done the broken pieces and eat it all? Maybe he could resume playing the games he mastered and doing the impossible until nobody will trust him?

BCDA President Arnel Casanova, why you couldn’t find permanent solutions to Camp John Hay problems, being an Administration leader assigned to BCDA? Is there personal interest somewhere within your moves?

The new tide of inspiration came from Court of Appeals that BCDA must pay 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo before eviction takes place. But right now, the Sobrepena Group will stay inside the camp until BCDA pays the amount as per tribunal decision. Likewise, the third parties, lessees, locators, businessmen, homeowners who acquired the property in good faith must be free from legal implications from CJHDevCo.

The arbitral judgment on the third parties – for the meantime - until their respective rights and interests are determined under compulsory arbitration or as may be adjudicated by regular courts. It will be their rights and interests are being considered by the court outside the arbitration of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) .

Moreover, the city council was watching BCDA’s move for its finalization with the arbitration and will start to continue the talks with Arnel Casanova for its 19 conditions set by them. It’s likewise, very timely action for Mayor Domogan to sustain its course for the greater good of the Baguio City residents.

The image of Baguio City is united with Camp John Hay in all aspects of its development and the right of its people to know the conditions set herein. The sounding drums of the BCDA will no longer the same, once another court decision will be released.

Thinking of the BCDA’s Arnel Casanova line of character and mentality, he’ll reserve its energy and bound to push back again its venom when time comes. That’s the way he worked and that’s the way people think of him as a leader of BCDA.

At least, the Court of Appeals (CA) recent development gave much time for CJHDevCo to prepare, when worse comes to worst.

Read through the pages of your mind.

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