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Top World Cup 2014 iPad Apps #1MNews #WorldCup2014

Top World Cup 2014 iPad Apps #1MNews

If you're wondering what the buzz is all about: how the mighty United States can come up with but 2 match points and be tied against Portugal, a much smaller nation, then you ought to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 live. No need to fly to the heart of Brazil, though. And don a war paint or a big fruit "sombrero". And in case you forget, there is also no need to heed home to to do your fave TV-couch routine. In this department, your i-device could be your best ally.

No doubt, these days the World Cup is shaking the whole world like no other sports can. An apt reminder of its global domination as the "King of Sports", with over 3.5 billion fans. However, though highly-entertaining, this ride is never for the weak-hearted. Yes, fasten your seatbelts, one and all and be ready for high-octane action filled with twists and surprises. For starters, the Spanish national team, defending champions of the last World Cup 2010, have been booted out of the league - bowing to the Chilean squad this early.

For more of the stunning details, herewith are the best iPad/iPhone apps that should get you the satisfaction you need. Of course, if you're looking for added viewing comfort, putting your i-tablet on a sleek iPad mini keyboard could be your best decision yet.


Since FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is the league organizer, it's but fitting that they'll sport a stand-out app. And truly, this one does not fail to meet your discriminating tastes for futbol, providing you with timely data (e.g., schedules, host cities, team standings) where it matters most.

One football Brasil

Formerly named as The Football App, this one has definitely got your World Cup needs covered with this special version that's totally dedicated to the world event. And with in-depth analysis and live minute-by-minute commentary for UK users via TalkSPORT radio and the Live Ticker for everyone else, you'd never be left on the lurch.
Spiced up with team updates and timely match news and a full planner, it's easy to see why you would want to keep this app close at hand - always.


Another giant when it comes to bringing sports right at your end, ESPN is one global provider that's hard to miss. With award-winning commentary, timely team alerts and status updates, you will never feel far from the action with ESPN FC.

As a bonus, U.S. fans are treated to a slew of exclusive video highlights of the World Cup matches. If that's not amazing, then we don't know what is.

BBC Sport

Now, here's a testament of how much love England has for football. Promising to keep a 24/7 coverage of the world games in Brazil along with needed updates and analysis, BBC Sport is one app that's hard to pass.
Only catch is this one's free in the UK only.

The Score

Not only can you watch the World Cup games live, you can also catch a glimpse of all the goals and how they were made in the tournament via theScore. This is made possible with the app's shot tracking feature. Throw in up-to-the-minute updates (e.g., results, team information, schedules) and this app's bound to capture your football heart in a jiffy.

Of course, if you're looking for added viewing comfort, putting your i-tablet on a sleek iPad mini keyboard could be your best decision yet.

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  1. I love how timely apps are to current events. With the World Cup's tremendous global impact, it's no surprise that there are just tons of apps doing a limited edition version to coincide with the World Cup! These are indeed exciting times! :D

  2. wow this is great that there's an app for this.. I love the World Cup!!

  3. It's nice to have the news handy for the world cup as we want the news at an instant at these times.

  4. I'm sure many developers joined the band wagon and created an app just for the World Cup. I'm wondering if the ESPN app offers free streaming as I know you have to subscribe to their channel to watch sports.


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