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Wish List for President Aquino’s 5th SONA #1MNews

Wish List for President Aquino’s 5th SONA, What’s Your Expectations? #1MNews

The 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Aquino’s scheduled this third Monday, July 28, 2014 before a joint session of Congress.

As a Filipino myself, I observed on how the past Presidents of the Philippines handled the management of our country and their SONAs too. I’ve got different points from them that I really assured myself the good of what they’re presenting to the people. The Aquino Administration has this “Matuwid na Daan.”

It’s not a big deal to comprehend what will transpire during this event. But, one thing for sure, the President Aquino is expected to report his administration’s accomplishments in the past year and his plans for the coming year.

Of course, what we expect from this kind of event depends on your perception about the SONA. Others may say, “Oh, come on, it’s the same thing again and again…” Not only that, there’s more to those who despised his leadership; leftist who never listened to his good deeds, bolted through demonstrations when new development was being proposed to the Filipino people. Everything he had done for the good of the people seemed vague for them. What you can expect to some people who never balance their true and fair judgment? It’s also a fact, that the President may promise something out of his development program in the future.

Some politically inclined leaders have their own assumptions in which they too, molded their presumptions of the President's SONA. A watchdog always snooping of what they can feed to the minds of the people. Their intentions are never genuine after all, but just “swirling the chaos within” to promote their own images.

I have my own “Wish List” too, in carrying my true identity as a Filipino. These things might or may not be good for some, but it makes difference to some Filipinos. Likewise, our perceptions may be different but we’re one of being a Filipino.

Wish List

a) Good governance and anti-corruption are part of the priorities of the government. I am certain that it will be discussed because the President will give a report on the performance of the administration in the programs under the Philippine Development Plan. This is my priority for him to deal the present and future developments of our country. That being said, anti-corruption from within will be cleared in such a way that good governance must prevail. Implementation comes next to augment from those two main subjects. It’ll never be the same when it comes to eradication of bad elements in the political arena. Moreover, the President can stimulate to continue the good points and discard the negatives to give positive results. I know it’s not easy, but he’ll devise a plan or regroup another honest people to put forward his administration.

b) Constructing several government programs for different sectors of our society wherein, the people are the most important entities for these long term projects. Likewise, more programs for Filipinos wherein the living conditions must be uplift in terms of coordinating truthfully for its implementation and results. Nevertheless, what matters most are the ways on how to upgrade workers conditions and the life of each Filipino integrating into the community as one in a society it created.

c) The global learning of all Filipinos in which everyone could acquire knowledge of the international settings. It cannot be develop easily, but it can be started for future development. Knowledgeable of international happenings makes Filipinos aware of our image in uplifting the true worthiness in a global scene.

d) President Aquino is always giving out motherhood statements in diverting the attention away from his shortfalls. This should be addressed properly by him and turn into positive aspects of his governance. The Philippines may have advanced in his regime but the improvements are not based on his accomplishments but the continuance of previous administration. Luckily, he should devise a program always for the good of all, not only the rich got richer and the big businesses benefit from the so-called national "growth."

Read through the pages of your mind.


  1. There are lots of things and controversies that I'm anticipating for the President's next SONA. It would be very interesting to know the insights of the country's leader amid all the crises during his term. Consequently, we must all do our share as citizens of the country.

  2. I totally agree with point D on your wishlist. I, too, wish that the president would address his shortcomings and share what his plans are to make up for them instead of diverting our attention from them and ignoring the problem.

  3. "matuwid na daan" brought a lot of votes for him, campaigning regarding anti-corruption programs, cleaning the government of corrupt politicians however it is not going pretty well. I remember how the his allies condemn the ex-chief justice Renato Corona with his anomalous bank accounts, it turns out they are also guilty with corruption. with the current state of the country I hope Filipinos will be smarter with their votes, and not be carried away from empty promises, catchy jingles and ads ...

  4. Attainable wish list if only Pres. Aquino has the political will.

  5. I agree with your posts and especially about your wishlists too..

  6. Nice wishlist.. But I agree that some people only know how to keep on complaining. Di ba nila nakikita na ang laki na yata ng itinanda ni PNoy kaka solve ng corruption sa bansa natin.

  7. I understand that the President's position is not easy, yet I just wish he will learn also to accept mistakes that he and his cabinet members had done, to apologize and make a presentation on where and how did the DAP money was used - in complete details for everyone to see

  8. I think his achievements outweigh his shortcomings. It's just a pity that people who are in hot water are milking those shortcomings.

  9. I havent think of a wish list like this, but this list coming true is great for our country

  10. i think the root cause of all the nation's problem is the greed and corrupt people seated in the government. your first one in the wishlist will likely put a light to the other problems. Yahweh bless.

  11. It is a nice wish list. I wonder if it becomes a reality.

  12. we all long for good governance

  13. He has very limited now as President. And none of the criminals in office are jailed still. He has good intentions, but I believe he could have done better


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